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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Dan Jukes


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How the Democrats Alienate Their Base | Newsweek Opinion

After six weeks of touring America, I'm back in England under quarantine. As I reflect on the Biden administration ahead of Joe Biden's...

Prince Philip Lived a Life Devoted to Duty | Newsweek Opinion

Nobody below the age of 75 who lives in the United Kingdom can remember a time when Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was not a...

For all their tartan, neither Sturgeon nor Salmond truly wants to achieve Scottish self-determination

As Alex Salmond returns to the political fray with his own custom-made Alba Party, inevitable comparisons have been drawn...

It’s Farage the husky tree hugger! Reinvented as a green activist, the former UKIP leader takes aim at pub passports, Carrie’s ‘disturbing’ power –...

Meet Nigel Farage 2.0: a healthy-looking figure, sipping mineral water in a Knightsbridge hotel as he announces ...

Has a solution to Britain’s illegal immigration problem been found at last? I have my doubts

Here we go again. It’s another “tough” immigration statement from the Home Secretary, Priti Patel. This was the latest in a line of orations...
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