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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Respond to Coronavirus With More Nationalism | Opinion

The coronavirus pandemic, like the worldwide economic crash of 2008, is being shamelessly used to push forward the globalist agenda . "We are one people," the …

China Must Be Made to Pay Reparations—and Only Trump Can Win This Fight | Opinion

As the lockdown in the West continues, and even just the gentle easing of economic restrictions shows worrying signs of a rise in reinfection rates, a mighty global reckoning is brewing. We are witnessing the beginning of the biggest geopolitical fight since the …

Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Causes Uproar

Theresa May's government didn't just lose a crucial vote on January 15. It also suffered the biggest defeat by a sitting administration in British…

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After six weeks of touring America, I'm back in England under quarantine. As I reflect on the Biden administration ahead of Joe Biden's...

My Visit to America’s Southern Border | Newsweek Opinion

On my tour of America over the last few weeks, I have inevitably spent a certain amount of time watching cable TV...

Donald Trump is not going away – and can win again, says NIGEL FARAGE

Six months may have passed since Donald Trump was beaten by Democrat rival "Sleepy Joe" Biden but Republican activists and politicians alike are...

The so-called liberals tried to cancel me – pity it’s backfired

They believe, like Prince Harry, that the First Amendment - the right to free speech - is "bonkers"

Prince Philip Lived a Life Devoted to Duty | Newsweek Opinion

Nobody below the age of 75 who lives in the United Kingdom can remember a time when Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was not a...
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