Historic Moment!

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Latest News

Historic Moment

A busy few weeks have passed and the great Brexit drama is coming to its finale.

I enjoyed a visit to a well attended CPAC conference in Maryland, great to see so many young enthusiastic people rallying to the Trump revolution. It was an honour to meet the president again who had just arrived back from Vietnam. He had walked away from the talks with North Korea as no deal was better than a bad deal. If only Theresa May would do the same thing! His subsequent comments on the UK government’s failure over Brexit ring true.

With just days to go until March 29th the prospects of the new EU treaty being agreed look slim. It is a surrender document that will lead to years of misery and deserves to be rejected. Under our current legislation we are due to leave on March 29th with no deal. It would be a clean break and we would be free. Whilst I hope this happens, I fear that Mrs May and parliament will betray us and apply to extend our departure date in a humiliating climb down. If this happens the UK will contest the European elections on May 23rd and I will lead the Brexit party in the contest. A delay is a betrayal and we will give the people a chance to express their disgust.

The cross party Leave Means Leave group started their “March for Brexit” last Saturday in Sunderland. I was pleased to be there, though a 20 mile trudge through the rain and mud was hard going. I will re-join the march in Nottingham this Saturday and we will arrive in Parliament square on the 29th March. Do care and join us where you can.

Nigel Farage

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